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Mega Flow 22/Feb/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Chris West 1.37 Product ID: 76164 65 4 88 88 5 1

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Mega Flow(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_1699 , Last change: 22-02-2018
Published: 29 Oct 2017, Publisher: Chris West
Price: $65.00 USD - Size: 6.09 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 2017.2.0f2 | Asset Published Date: 29 Oct 2017 | Price: $65.00.
Publisher: Chris West.
DescriptionHave you ever wanted to simulate a wind tunnel in your game, or have leaves of snow blow through your village flowing naturally around buildings, speeding up down alley ways or settling slowly in the lee of an obstacle, Lava flowing down a volcano side or Waterfalls cascading over rocks, Or a car stirring up leaves as it drives along a road in Autumn, vortices for your plane wings, perhaps an object floating along fast moving water, tornadoes, or even simulate gravity around objects in space, if so then MegaFlow can help.

MegaFlow is a set of systems that allow you to use Vector Fields to control the movement of objects or particle systems in Unity.
Vector fields are a 2D or 3D grids of values that describe the direction and magnitude of velocities for that point in space.
The Vector Field can be generated by systems such as Maya Fluids, FumeFX, Krakatoa, RealFlow etc.
MegaFlow can import the files generated by those systems in the form of .FXD or .FXA files, it also has an exporter for Maya that will export any Maya fluid simulation to the MegaFlow .FLW format.
You can then import a single frame or multiple frames into the MegaFlow system in Unity and then use that to control the movement of particles from either the Shuriken or Legacy particle system, or control movement of Rigid Bodies or just general objects.
Don't worry though if you don't have access to any Fluid Simulation software as MegaFlow also comes with a system that allows you to author your own Vector Fields inside Unity using multiple splines to define flow directions and forces.

Works with Unity 5.

Special Early Adopter Price $65


- Unity 5 Compatible

- Support for FumeFX FXD file import

- Support for FGA file import

- Custom Maya Fluids Exporter

- Create Vector Fields in Unity

- Multi-Threaded physics

- Highly optimized physics code

- C# Source Code Included

- Multiple frames of flow data per source

- Control Legacy or Shuriken particles

- Control Rigid Bodies

- Control Normal Objects

- Works in Unity Free

- Works on Mobile devices

- Flow visualization

- Create a 3d Texture from the flow

- MegaShapes Lite included

Airflow Around Objects Video

FumeFX Data controlling objects Video

Create Flows in Unity Video

MegaFlow Website

Note - The Rocket ship scene is not included in the Asset.

Note - If you require the exporters for Max or Maya please email us with your invoice number and Max/Maya Version details
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