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Easy Threading 14/Jun/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Arklay 5.0 Product ID: 50473 50 2 70 70 5 1

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Easy Threading(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_121 , Last change: 14-06-2018
Published: 26 Jan 2017, Publisher: Arklay
Price: $50.00 USD - Size: 54.48 KB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.5.0f3 | Asset Published Date: 26 Jan 2017 | Price: $50.00.
Publisher: Arklay.
DescriptionWork with multiple threads easily:

Standalone builds, Windows store (UWP), webplayer, iOS and Android


// This code will execute in the main thread


But this asset also makes working with threads a pleasant experience:

To create a thread just use the following syntax:

Task.Run (DoSomeWorkOnABackgroundThread);

Creating a thread that returns some value (an integer in this example):

Task<int>.Run (CalculateSomeIntegerInTheBackground),

Of course you will want to receive the integer:

Task<int>.Run (CalculateSomeIntegerInTheBackground).ContinueWith(ThisFunctionReceivesTheIntegerAsParameter);

Or, maybe, you need to show that integer to the player (the function receiving it must be executed in the main thread):

Task<int>.Run (CalculateSomeIntegerInTheBackground).ContinueInMainThreadWith(ThisFunctionReceivesTheIntegerAsParameter);

These are just the basic features included in this package.

This package reimplements and extends the .NET System.Threading.Tasks namespace.

This namespace makes thread management easier for you by adding a class named Task.

A task represents an asynchronous operation.
Typically, a Task is returned from an asynchronous function and gives the ability to
continue processing the result of the task.

A task is not tied to a particular threading model: it represents the work being done, not where it is executing.

Tasks have many advantages over other methods of asynchronous programming such as callbacks and the event model.

You can learn more about tasks in Parse's website

Tested for standalone builds, windows store (UWP), web player, iOS and Android

Full source code is included, as well as many examples.
I use this asset for my own projects, so I will keep improving and expanding it.

If you have any comments, doubts, feature request or just need some help implementing some multithreading behaviour just let me know in the forum's thread
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Don't forget the base ... by Anon_484Vote
about a year ago, I was doing some R&D project and it had a very heavy calculating procedures in it, that was when i thought about multi threading in unity, multi threading by itself in any c# program can become a little crazy and hard to grasp the concept at first, but when you learn how to handle it properly, it becomes your number one choice in many many situations. with unity, problem is that almost 98% of API is not thread friendly and you can't even call them on threads. the only things you can call are the very basic calculations on vectors. but in some cases there is way around it, for example if you watch recent unite conferences, the one speaking about math shows how the guy stores the matrix from transform component and pushes that local variable to the thread. but still, it is lots of things to keep in mind when you try threading in unity. When i was dealing with it, naturally i went into asset store and contacted EVERY single asset developer that was offering a multi threading solution, the response was always the same :

"This is not a real multi threading solution for unity's API, instead I developed a wrapper that handles threading with it"

this by itself is not a bad thing. what these guys do is that they give you an option to push a job on the main thread when it comes to unity stuff and make the thread sleep until that job is done and then continue the threading. of course it will have performance cost compared to real multi threading, but still it is much much better than pushing everything on the main thread and hope for speed.

That being said, between many assets available in the asset store this one and loom where the best at time, but as time passed, loom didn't upgrade that much, if you check asset store, the unity version for loom is still 3.x meaning it may not support unity 5 ! so, it's your call to choose this asset or the non updated loom.
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