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UniStorm Mobile 19/Apr/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: Black Horizon Studios Product ID: 3483 48 2 69 69 5 1

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UniStorm Mobile(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_2670 , Last change: 19-04-2018
Published: 27 Jul 2017, Publisher: Black Horizon Studios
Price: $48.00 USD - Size: 169.13 MB

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Product description

Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.2.2f1 | Asset Published Date: 27 Jul 2017 | Price: $48.00.
Publisher: Black Horizon Studios.
Description*UniStorm Mobile is currently 20% off!*

UniStorm supports all versions of Unity from version 5.2+ to Unity 2017+.

UniStorm Desktop now includes UniStorm Mobile at no additional cost! This means you get both versions of UniStorm for the same great price.
All previous buyers also get this update free of charge.

UniStorm now includes Complete Terrain Shader (CTS) support for dynamic snow, rain shading when it rains, and seasonal terrain tinting.
For more information regarding these features, click here

UniStorm 2.4 features a lot of improvements and awesome new features (A completely rewritten lightning system with Procedural Lightning, UniStorm Events, new API, and a new Auto Player Setup system just to name a few).
To see all that UniStorm 2.4 has to offer, see the link below.

Full Release Notes


UniStorm is an incredibly powerful dynamic day and night weather system that creates AAA quality dynamically generated weather, lighting, and skies all at a blazing fast frame rate.
UniStorm features over 300 customizable components allowing users to create any environment imaginable.
UniStorm supports most camera systems including UFPS, RFPS, Opsive Third Person Controller, and Invector Third Person Controller.

Key Features

UniStorm is programmed in C#.


* Dynamically generated weather

* Dynamic Snow

* 13 Types of Dynamic Weather (Sunny, Mostly Clear, Partly Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy, Foggy, Snow, Rain, Lighting and Thunder Storms, and more)

* Dynamic Clouds

* Instant Weather Option to instantly fade in or out weather (usable for player loading, starting weather, quest/events, etc)

* Dynamically Generated Precipitation (Every storm is different)

* Dynamic Wind (Wind increases as storms get stronger)

* Seasonable Weather (Snow, Fall Leaves, Lightning Bugs, and more)

* 4 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
Lifelike weather transitions for any weather type

* Adjustable Day and Night Length (Allows you to have longer days than nights and vise versa)

* Powerful weather generating algorithm with adjustable weather odds for each season

* Powerful temperature generating algorithm that generates realistic high, lows, and seasonal temperatures based on your custom values for each season

* Easily access any variable such as weather, temperature, and time for things like survival, events, quests, AI, and more.

* Static Weather option to allow for constant never changing weather, if needed

* UniStorm's Climate Generator makes it easy to generate a realistic climate to suit your terrain/environment's needs.
It works by generating realistic climates based off of real-world data.
This includes Precipitation, realistic Seasonal Temperatures with seasonal averages generation, weather odds (deserts have less rain and rainforests have more), starting weather, starting season, and much more.
This will all be generated according to realistic real-world data according to the specific Climate, but will be different every time.
This is all done with the click of a button and UniStorm does the rest.There are 5 Climates to choose from Random, Rainforest, Desert, Mountainous, and Grasslands.


* 24 hour dynamic day and night system

* UniStorm Time Events - UniStorm's Time Events allow you to specify the exact time custom UnityEvents happen and can be called hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.
This opens up many possibilities with what you can do with gameplay and game management.

* Exact starting time of day (Also allows you to save the time and date so your players can load it and pickup right where they left off)
In-game time keeping system (Tracks minutes, hours, days, months, and years)

* Easily access time variables for quests, AI, events, and more

* Accurate standard and custom calendar system (Choose how many days, months, and years your months an years take)

* Static Time to allow the time to stop flowing, if needed


* Physically Based Shaded Sky

* 8 accurate moon phases (New Moon, New Crescent, First Quarter, New Gibbous, Full Moon, Old Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Old Crescent)

* Sun Shafts (God Rays) on Sun and Moon

* Tons of options to adjust every color of the sky

* Gorgeous Sunrises and Sunsets
Star system


* GI using Unity 5's new Lighting System

* Adjustable Sun axis allows you to place the sun accurately however you need

* Dynamic Lightning system (with adjustable options for sounds, light intensity, color, strike odds, flash length, lightning bolts, and more)

* Sun System (with tons of customizable options for intensity, intensity during storms, shadow options, sun size, sun rotation, and more)

* Moon System (with tons of customizable options for intensity, intensity during storms, shadow options, moon size, moon rotation, and more)

Included Demo Examples

* Dynamic Plant Growth System that grows plants based off of UniStorm's Weather, Temperature, Sunlight, Time, Seasons and more! To see this feature see our post (Here)
Survival Demo (which demonstrates accessing UniStorm variables for a player's food, warmth, and dryness).

* Player Save and Load example (which allows you to save the UniStorm time, date, weather, and temperature.
You can then load it again when needed)

* Spawning a Player Example (which lets you spawn a player which then grabs all components automatically on start to make UniStorm function)

* Dynamic Snow Example (Shows dynamic building snow)

Dynamic Sound Manager

UniStorm features a Dynamic Sound Manager (This allows you to set an array of sounds that will play dynamically for each time of each day according to the min and max seconds set within the editor (One for morning, day, evening, and night) An example for this could be birds in the morning and evening, wind during the day, and crickets at night.
UniStorm will pick from an endless selection of sounds (for each time of day) that will play throughout the day and night.)


* With UniStorm 2.0, we have done a complete rewrite of the UniStorm system making it more efficient, optimized, and better in every way.
(We have kept needed variable names the same so custom script will still work.)
1,000+ hours have gone into the making UniStorm.
With that, we have created an incredibly fast dynamic customizable, day and night weather system, that is capable of creating realistic dynamically generated weather at a blazing fast frame rate.

* Efficient shaders

* Efficiently programmed

* Adjustable settings to control particle intensities and densities


* UniStorm features over 250 customizable components for you to create a living breathing environment

* A beautifully designed editor to make it as easy as possible to achieve great looking weather and skies

* Fog intensities

* Wind intensities

* Precipitation intensities

* Tons of time of day color options (ambient light colors, sun colors, atmosphere colors, fog colors, cloud colors, and many more)


We do our best to offer the highest quality support possible.
UniStorm is well documented and features its own Wiki Site.
This wiki site gives UniStorm customers access to tutorials, code references, example scripts, documentation, beta features (such as Dynamic Snow and Dynamic Wind) , and much more; all accessible within Unity!

To see all of UniStorm's features, video demos, and playable demos go here:

See All Features

Note: Screenshots and videos show UniStorm Desktop version.
Procedural lightning is a UniStorm Desktop only feature.

Anon_1340 say: someone have the updated version ?
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