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Screen Ripple 21/May/2018 Price: Asset Store Marketplace Unreal Unity Manufactured by: qq.d.y 2.0 Product ID: 76516 16 4 65

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Screen Ripple(exclu)

uploaded by Anon_671 , Last change: 21-05-2018
Published: 02 Mar 2018, Publisher: qq.d.y
Price: $16.00 USD - Size: 4.73 MB

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Minimum Unity Version Required: 5.6.2f1 | Asset Published Date: 02 Mar 2018 | Price: $16.00.
Publisher: qq.d.y.
DescriptionScreen ripple is a complete collection of ripple shaders in unity3d.
It contains:

- Three kinds of mouse click ripple shaders.
And support layered ripple & non-ripple gameobject.

- On screen water reflection ripple.

- Fullscreen water flow down ripple from top of screen.

- Splash water on screen effect.

- Rain drops ripple on screen.

- Per sprite distorted reflection water shader.

More effects will be add in furture.

Package includes:

- 4 demo scenes demonstrate all features.

- Screen ripple effect control scripts.

- Screen ripple shaders.

- Usage guide doc.

Version 1.5 upgrade support multi ripples at same time on screen.

Version 1.7 upgrade add a new rain drops on screen effect.

Version 1.8 upgrade solve the Y flip problem when unity build-in anti-aliasing is enabled.

Version 1.9 upgrade support resolution independent circle ripple shape.
And solve some unity5.6+ version compatibility problems.

Version 2.0 upgrade is a whole new big upgrade.
With many new features included!

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